Daring photographer Vasiliy Gusev DIES Attempting to take supermoon Image

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Daring photographer DIES Attempting to take perfect supermoon picture

A PHOTOGRAPHER tragically died attempting to catch a photo of the supermoon after driving off a 150-metre cliff.

photographer Vasiliy Gusev died trying to take a picture of the supermoonCEN

DARING: Tragic photographer Vasiliy Gusev died Attempting to take a photo of the supermoon

Snapper Vasiliy Gusev was attempting to get the best possible photo of the lunar phenomenon once the tragedy happened.

For its moment experts predicted the moon could be closest to Earth since 1948 he had travelled to the stunning Plateau Bermamyt in south-west Russia.

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National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016

Having built up a following internet, Mr Gusev put off seeking the perfect shot on a nighttime drive in his Mistubish L200.

When he moved exploring, he had left his son and a few friends sleeping in their tent.

But on his way back to camp, Mr Gusev was pushing along a track when he drove across a 492-foot cliff’s border.

When they found the wreckage of the car at about 4am, his friends called for assistance.

Rescuers found after surviving the impact Mr Gusev still living, however, he died on the way.

His friends have organised a collection for his widow and two sons, who have been just five months old and four years old.

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