You asked for it…I am writing more content on Landscape Photography. My website is just over one year old and the most frequent google search words for my site are “landscape photography.” Although there are 15,000,000 sites related to this subject I am glad you found mine. You will not be disappointed.

First of all, this entire site has been developed for digital SLR users or those who desire an SLR. This is not for beginners or newbies unfamiliar with SLR photography. But don’t worry, everything you need to know about digital SLR photography can be found on this site. Not familiar with SLR??? Click here to find out the advantages of an SLR camera. SLR camera are so much more superior to digital point and shoot cameras, I simply could not approach the subject matter in this website without being candid about the difference.

To learn more about SLR photography visit the online class You can read about the different type of digital SLR’s in the camera review section or you can visit Mary’s Photography Store for in-depth and detailed reviews on just about every camera from actual users.