Medical Benefits of the Marijuana Seed

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Pot seeds are thought to have a number of beneficial, medicinal properties. These seeds are rich in fats that are themselves the host of other nutrients, including Vitamin A, E and D, many of the B vitamins, fibre and numerous enzymes. They are also a good source of minerals, including phosophorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc, and around one quarter of their calories come from protein. This makes them a great addition to a vegan diet.

This alone means that nutritionally, they are a high quality food. The medicinal properties, however, are things that are just being explored. There are many studies which suggest that hemp seeds can help to reduce your blood pressure, prevent blood clots from forming, offer relief from eczema and dermatitis, and other skin conditions, and help with recovery after a heart attack too. Pot seeds USA are rich in arginine, which can help to reduce the amount of CRP in your bloodstream. CPR is an inflammatory marker that is associated with heart disease.

Pot seeds are hard to get hold of in many parts of the world, because it is illegal to grow pot in certain countries ?” even in parts of America, you need to get a prescription for medical pot seed. Hemp seeds are similar, nutritionally, to pot seeds for sale, so it may be easier to grow them instead if you are planning on consuming them for medical purposes. You can use them to make hemp milk, or you can sprinkle them on cereals and in yogurts to get your daily intake that way. Some people blend them into smoothies or add them to other dishes, so that they can spread the intake out throughout the day. Hemp seed is quite versatile and goes with everything from a sweet yogurt to a savory curry.

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