Photographer Shows The Hilarious Reality Behind Cheesy Photos

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Gilmar Silva is a photographer who does lots of flattering, soft and charming photo shoots; you know the type. Engagement photos where folks float on a lake, pregnancy announcements. They’re very pretty and quite unrealistic, which is fine. You ought to photograph the events in your life any way you want.

But Silva wants to show everyone what things look like behind the scenes. He’s exposing the photo sausage has made, and it’s not pretty:

The project is called LUGARxPHOTO, based onBored Panda, which means “photo and place.” On his Instagram page, Silva shows what the photo shoot looks like when compared with the finished product, and the outcomes are of sitting dirt streets alongside a version of the captured 40, a humorous juxtaposition. Although he’s just showing off his amazing Photoshop skills, but whatever the reason, it is great:

Sometimes that magic moment only needs a bit of assistance in place.

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