This section reviews the top-rated Digital SLRs from seven camera manufacturers. Each review is based on:

  • Type of userPro 1 – Amateur/serious amateurPro 2 – Rising professional/professional

    Pro 3 – Professional with some bucks

  • Features – Average, Good, Very Good or Excellent
  • Price – Low, Moderate or High

Each camera’s specifications are listed following the review. This is intended to be a one stop shop for learning about the best digital SLR cameras on the market for each level of interest. (I wish I could test each camera individually, but unfortunately that is not the case, at least not for now.)



Keep in mind that these are subjective ratings based on interviews with vendors, actual users and my personal opinion. I have scoured tons of magazines and websites to summarize and provide the best information for you. It will save you hours of time surfing the internet because you can find it all the information in one place. You should be able to determine what is the best SLR digital camera that fits your budget and needs. If you already have a digital SLR camera or film SLR camera, the information could assist you in upgrading to a newer model.

The cameras we will be reviewing are DSLR cameras only. We will be rating the TOP DSLR cameras from seven camera manufacturers. If you are not interested in SLR photography, this website may not be for you.

New digital SLR cameras come out all the time. Please see
the blog for updates on the newest model cameras. You can also check out Mary’s Photography store for the latest camera equipment and accessories. There are tons of reviews there.
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