Are you ready to turn your passion for photography into a part-time or full-time photography business. Thousands of men and women and have turned their hobby into a rewarding photography career. There are many steps however, to achieve a successful business in photography. It takes a lot more than the ability to create beautiful images to become a profitable business.

Can you answer “yes” to the following questions?

1) I love photography so much I would do it for free.

2) I am willing to learn sales and marketing skills as they apply to all businesses.

3) I am willing to develop inter-personal skills so I can acquire the fortitude and positive attitude required to run a small business.

4) I am willing to develop a sound business plan and commit to goal setting on a daily basis.

5) I am familiar with all the technical aspect of my camera.

If you answered yes to all the above questions you are a candidate for starting your own photography business. In this section I will provide some basic business plan building blocks to help you get started. You can jump ahead at any time to read about:

Starting a wedding photography business
Starting a children’s photography business
Starting a home photography business
Starting a commercial photography business
Starting an infant photography business
Pricing Photography for a Profit
Other home business opportunities