6th Annual Hangtown Music Festival Dresses Up, Gets Down (REVIEW/PHOTOS)

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The 6th yearly Hangtown Music Event stuffed the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville, Florida with nice, sweet audio from Oct 20th to Oct 23road. The weekend was one large spotlight after another, towards the followers and outfits, in the climate, selection and shows. Here are just a couple of things that stood out only at that year’s Hangtown Ball…


Area, Area, Area

Certain, place is taken by Hangtown Event in a-town often thousand individuals. Certain, there’s a highway nearby. It’s riverside or not the heavenly hill environment of when considering a little event that one can dream. However the El Dorado County Fairgrounds suits Hangtown just like a glove. Sufficient grassy places for tent people. Adequate parking for RVs. Structures that permit noisy models in to the evening of audio delayed. And, it doesn’t injured to possess your event grounds between a Denny’s and a store. And this season, Placerville’s Florida sunlight shone brilliant all day long, producing for drop that was really comfy weekend climate.


Many Graceful Emcee

Instructor artist, graphic performer and home -announced “Fashion Craven was available to emcee the primary phase and was vibrant in his displays, to express minimal. Each musician that was fresh impressed a customized poetry to explain the forthcoming performer, in addition to a brand new group of vibrant apparel from Craven. the sincere verses took aback all of the artists, admiring in making the introductions, the full time Craven required. Craven was also observed on-stage enjoying the mess with many rings, and he actually slew the group using the jawbone of a butt (performed like a percussion device in this instance) throughout the Oliver Wood/Jano Rix established.

Medeski, Martin & Wood

Medeski, Martin & Wood

While Living Provides You With Lemons…

While it had been introduced that Bob Timber needed to endure emergency surgery within the times prior to the event, several thought that dropping an intrinsic person in both Martin the Timber Siblings and also Timber means cancelations from the rings. Alternatively, Hangtown Ballers were handled to 1-of-a-kind outfits that shipped large. it was enjoyable to look them attempt, although obviously Joe Wood can’t be changed! Kirk Joseph of Dirty Dozen Brass Band (sousaphone) and Certainly Will Bernard (guitar) registered John Medeski and Billy Martin to create Medeski Martin & Angry Pot.

Oliver Wood Robertson In The Rondo Stations registered Jano Rix of the Timber Siblings on bass to provide Rix &amp to Oliver Timber; The Allstars. A few of the Allstars incorporated Carbone and Bluhm.


Many Psychological Efficiency

To not consider something so far as performances, although from the entertainers who offered their all to please the group, appear no more than Wonderland. Her heart is put by Wonderland behind every term she performs and every notice she performs. Certainly grateful of her market, she provides all, lubricating her vocal notes having a seemingly bottomless glass of rum to her. Although each tune she performs is emotionally-charged, it had been her band’s efficiency of “Room In The Inn” that introduced several (including Wonderland himself) to holes. A tune concerning the refugee disaster, created from the refugee family’s viewpoint, the words provide the crisis in a method that is very touching nonetheless stunning. Audio celebrations really are a refuge wherever individuals visit overlook their problems. They are able to even be an incubator for globe- actions and changing suggestions. All arises from packages of the song’s purchase visit Doctors Without Boundaries. Oh -final “I Will Be.


Mix-Up The Medication

The artist meltingpot that’s Hangtown introduced way too many visitor sit ins to actually start to note. But several outfits have been which were shaped to create some looks that are distinctive to followers. Steve’s Kimock’s Chimenti was included by newest team on Lebowitz and secrets on guitar. Accidental Creatures (not really a one off, but more of the jam supergroup) functions Lebowitz and ALO bandmates Steve Adams and Dave Brogan along side Chain Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth and Trey Anastasio Band’s Jennifer Hartswick. 1 / 2 of Karl Denson’s Small World collection highlighted Fishbone’s Angelo Moore on words whilst the rings worked through Prince’s recording Dirty Mind.


Happiest Artist

When encased by whirling good power one shouldn’t talk in superlatives. There is lots of pleasure on-display equally off and on within the weekend the phase. However, you simply couldn’t tremble the appearance of joy about the encounter of Horseshoes vocalist Greuel and Hand musician. Their smile simply appeared to develop from their day position about the Gallows Phase For That Notorious Stringdusters for their Sunday night time collection starting. From the period some of his bandmates and he arrived to perform using the Dusters, it had been apparent he was atleast AS pleased as anybody within the space.



Plenty of imagination was shown via outfits, equally off and on the phase. A guy is being transported round the event reasons with a strong although really brief gorilla. A lady is who’d changed himself right into a coin operated gadget accessory, filled with an “Out of sign that is Order” on her head’s medial side. Homemade or store bought, a broad number of outfits were on-display.

So far as entertainers proceed, Train Planet had excellent team outfits for every their three sets. While departing hardly any to it using era hard-rock outfits and their 70’s however the creativity equally riled. the noon sunlight was come down within by leatherjackets, whilst the Siblings rocked out their high energy songs. Oh, there is additionally what appeared to be always a sweet Ray mullet wig running around the event reasons, however it ended up to become Rum Shivers mess player moving locks.


Hosts Most Abundant In

Train World happens to be the group behind this event, that to discover in several instructions and far like their audio, they produce a strong foundation. Viewing their wide eyed responses while viewing shows from the stage’s market aspect talks for their love of audio. Viewing people of Train sit-in with everybody thrilled within earshot. As well as their commitment for audio and their followers designed for three unforgettable models of the own. They consider their market to get a ride by allowing they are taken by the tunes to get a trip, indicating what moves with pleasure and emphasis.

Throughout, An Excellent Hold

From Twiddle and TAUK’S heavy jams, underneath the comfortable Florida sunlight towards the cool lines of Pimps of Joytime Hangtown Event provided an eclectic mixture of incredible artists towards the chain explosions of Moon. Year it is certain to help improve a developing drop custom, and is fortunate number eight.


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