7 Strategies for Wedding Group Photos by a Veteran Photographer

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Shooting group photos is a art all wedding photographers will need to learn. Following is a 9-minute video from   Shutterbug Mag  filled with 7 strategies for taking group photos at weddings with veteran photographer Denis Reggie.

Here’s a rundown of everything Reggie educates (see the video for visual examples):

1. Arrange the Wedding Party Properly

It’s important to think about where you’re positioning different folks in the wedding celebration for a group shot. Reggie often puts men supporting the girls, although some religious groups have considerations about where the groom ought to be status (to the left or right of the bride).

2. Utilize an Off-Camera Umbrella Light

Reggie uses an off-camera umbrella lighting to light his group shots. He uses two flashes instead of you, offering a redundancy should you not recycle quick enough or decide to play up daily.

3. Change the Color Temperature

Utilizing colour gels to adjust the temperature of the flash may result in a far more well-balanced taste. For indoor or night weddings, the orange colour gels are ideal.

4. Use the Correct Gear

Reggie urges that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera, but selecting the correct parts of gear is critical. By way of example, utilizing the proper master controllers for your own flashes so that you are able to be flexible is important. Reggie uses a 24-70mm lens for his team shots.

“Somewhere between 35mm in the absolute widest, and 40 or 50mm is a good choice,” says Reggie.

5. Use a Tripod

Reggie swears by making use of a tripod because of modern high-megapixel cameras. He says that the more megapixels there are, that the more “sensitive” the camera is to movement.

6. Pick Your Settings

Following on from using a tripod, it might be possible to accomplish a slower shutter speed to manage indoor lighting. Reggie uses ISO 1600 for the majority of his team shots, with an aperture of approximately f/4 or in most f/5.6.

7. Shoot in Deadly Format

Utilizing raw permits you to change your white balance later, because of the non-destructive part of this vital camera arrangement. Shooting in JPEG limits your options, but uncooked gives you a large quantity of flexibility in post.

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