Want To Change Look Of Your Floor?

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I like to check things that are for sale out on Facebook. I am a member of several different yard sale groups. This is really the only time I am on Facebook is when I want to buy something. I have found some really great deals on things and bought lots of stuff cheap from people. I was browsing this http://www.deckingx.co.uk/interlocking-decking-tiles/ website the other day to see what was for sale.

I found lots of things and I found a wooden wine rack. I had been wanting a wine rack and one just like this too. It was really nice in the pictures and I could envision it sitting in my dining room. The price was really good on it. Deckingx offers a variety of tiles that make your home beautiful so I contacted the person that had it listed for sale and asked them a good time to see it. A few hours after I contacted them they sent me a message back. They said that I could come over that evening to see it in person and luckily I was free and didn’t have anything else to do.

After I picked my son up from school, I made him eat something and then we went and looked at it. As soon as I saw the wooden wine rack in person, I knew I had to have it. The pictures didn’t do it any justice. I asked them if they would take a little bit of a lower price for it and they agreed. I gave them the cash and took it home. Once I got it cleaned up I put it where I thought it would look nice. I really love the way it looks and the purpose it serves. It was a great deal that I couldn’t pass up.

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