Closing Click: Image by War Photographer Moments Before Her Death

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The US Army has published the last photograph of a combat photographer who captured on camera that the explosion that killed her in a casual mortar explosion in Afghanistan nearly four years back.

US Army combat camera photographer Spc. Hilda Clayton. (Photo: AP)
US Army combat camera photographer Spc. Hilda Clayton. (Photo: AP)

“Clayton’s death symbolises how feminine soldiers are increasingly vulnerable to hazardous circumstances in training and in combat on par with their male counterparts,” Military Review wrote.

The photo taken by Clayton. (Photo: AP)
The photograph taken by Clayton. (Photo: AP)

Clayton snapped the image during a live-fire training exercise on 2 July 2013 in Laghman Province, Afghanistan. The explosion also killed four Afghan National Army soldiers. One of these was.

Not merely did Clayton help record activities directed toward shaping and strengthening the partnership, but also shared with the risk by engaging in the effort.

Army Review

Clayton, who was from Augusta, Georgia, was also a member of the Fort Meade, Maryland-based 55th Signal Company, which will be called Combat Camera. She was 22.

A spokesman for the Network Enterprise Control stated that the final photograph of Clayton was printed with the approval of her family. Combat Camera honoured Clayton by naming an annual award for its best combat photography following her, Military Review wrote.

An Afghan soldier engulfed in flame as a mortar tube explodes during the Afghan National Army live-fire training exercise. (Photo: AP)
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