Demi Lovato Shares Picture At Height Of Eating Disorder (Pictures)

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Demi Lovato has long been candid about her struggles with eating disorders, however on Oct. 18, she took it a step further and shared the crude reality of it by submitting before and after photographs that show precisely how malnourished she was several decades back and just how far she has come in her and sometimes tough recovery.

The side-by-side pictures, which Us Weekly notes she shared by a buff on her Instagram narrative exhibit a gaunt, rectal Lovato hunched over and looking down as she takes a selfie near a slightly more filled out, muscular version of herself in recovery, looking forward and embracing a stronger, more optimistic stance.

“Recovery is possible,” reads a block of text above both images.

In her YouTube documentary, “Simply Complicated,” Lovato shared that she still struggles to make healthful choices and has relapsed because committing to her recovery — most severely after her 2016 breakup with “That ’70s Show” actor Wilmer Valderrama, whom she dated for nearly six decades, notes E! Online.

“Once I was in a connection with Wilmer I went three years without purging, and when we broke up, that’s among the very first things that I did,” Lovato says in the documentary, ” according to E! Online. “The less I need to think about food, the easier it is to go about having a normal life, and that I do not wish to let anyone down, so when I do have moments once I slip up, I feel really ashamed. What began Wilmer was being missed by the relapse. When I feel lonely my heart feels starving and now that I end up binging.”

Demi Lovato

The prior Disney star turned out powerhouse pop singer stated that she acquired an eating disorder when she underwent bullying at school and began doing things such as making cookies and ingesting them all.

“[Food causes me to think about] body picture, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I would be eating next, what I wish I didn’t eat,” she said. “It’s constant. I get envious towards individuals who do not struggle with an eating disorder, because I believe my life could be so much easier.”

Lovato, who also has bipolar disorder and was addicted to drugs and alcohol for years prior to committing to a lifetime of sobriety, stated that she maintained lying and using about it long after she first entered rehab in 2010 and stated she was “not easy to use” during this “awkward” time.

But that’s not likely to prevent her from going.

“I guess what was hard about the process was being honest about where I am in my life today,” she told Billboard. “telling the world which I’m not the poster child for healing. Occasionally it is a struggle, and occasionally I deal with issues I have suffered from previously. It’s a challenge to maintain recovery, and that I discuss that in the film. … I want to be the ideal role model that I could be for my fans, thus by recognizing that I’m not perfect, it’s sort of weird for me.”

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