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Farm wedding // chamari + colt // arlington wedding photographer

Chamari and Colt were married in Marionfield Farm! I like shooting wedding venues that are fresh, and also this Marionfield Farm Wedding sparked excitement and creativity in me. Marionfield Farm is a wedding place located in the Pacific Northwest. The plantation has a long history, homesteaded back from the late…

Shoot and share contest results // eva rieb photography blog

Share Photo Contest & the Shoot is that the world’s only photo contest that is acceptable and completely free. Anyone can enter around 50 photographs in 25 classes. This year over 332,768 photographs were entered from 25 different classes, and over 104,378 individuals voted from 141 nations that were distinct! More than 60 MILLION votes were cast…

Trinity tree plantation wedding // samantha and jason // wedding photographer that is issaquah

Sam and Jason’s Trinity Tree Farm wedding has been one which will stay fresh in my head for quite a while. The PNW was blanketed in smoke by the Canada wildfires, and the air was thick as a result of that — but spirits were not! The Trinity Tree Farm Wedding has been the complete definition of simplistic sophistication…

Marionfield Farm Wedding // Chamari + Colt // Arlington Wedding Photographer

Chamari and Colt were married in Marionfield Farm before this month! I like shooting wedding venues that are fresh, and also this Marionfield Farm Wedding sparked excitement and creativity in me. Marionfield Farm is a wedding place located in the Pacific Northwest. The plantation has a long history, homesteaded back from the late 1800s, and it is currently a working farm on weekdays (if they are not hosting weddings!) . The whole place is beautiful: a stunning white bridal cabin decorated perfectly, a stunning red barn with contemporary light fixtures and loft (YAY for FUN and various viewpoints while shooting!) , also 50 acres of stunning land accessible for photographs.

Believe it or not, this Marionfield Farm Wedding was wedding band TWO for Colt and Chamari!!! A month before, Chamari chose her life’s love with her family’s home country of Sri Lanka to their Sri Lankan wedding party! (And, oh my goodness, I wish I could’ve been there! I have been fortunate enough to observe images on Facebook and it was all you would dream it would be!)

A little backstory on Chamari and Colt…

Colt and Chamari possess the Seattle romance story that is perfect . Chamari: a barista. Colt: even a police officer. Colt went in with a group of individuals on his shift for coffee and Chamari had been functioning. It had been love at first sight for both of them, and they told their friends they would be marrying another . Colt continued to go to Chamari’s Starbucks (even though he didn’t drink coffee) just to see her. Finally Chamari composed “possess an remarkable day” in his cup of hot coco… and that he keeps the empty cup into his office to this day! This was amazing hearing sweet to hear Chamari’s viewpoints and Colt’s romance in their loved ones throughout toasts — and this story repeated throughout the wedding day festivities.

You will find *SO* many amazing moments and facts throughout Colt’s and Chamari Marionfield Farm Wedding:

  • Chamari and Colt opted not to have a very first appearance.   No very first appearance? With them seeing each other, that’s absolutely okay so long as we can create beautiful images of the wedding couple together prior to the ceremony. Colt and Chamari were 100% on board with this notion! The loft in the Marionfield Farm barn has long windows. We strategically placed Colt in front of one window, facing opposite of the strategy of Chamari. Both were able to be together, hold hands, and swap presents and enjoy notes prior to their wedding ceremony…. All without him seeing! It was amazing. I may have cried. (Ok, if you know mepersonally, you know I did.)
  • Colt has two amazing kiddos and throughout the ceremony, Chamari, both Colt and the children came together and created a piece of art to their home with their handprints. It was a gorgeous symbol of them coming of the FOUR. AND the whole project took some time that was big! Picture: paint, paint brushes, hands, and baby wipes… with wedding apparel to stay clean! And then they did it! So worth it.
  • Chamari and Colt failed their very first dance to kick off the reception! It was a cool way to kick off the wedding parties — I wish more couples did that!
  • SUNSET. The sunset in Marionfield Farm was beautiful. Chamari and Colt put aside half an hour (30!!!) For sunset photos. We were able to take advantage of every last bit of mild to create a few lovely couples portraits. If you are not considering a first appearance, PLEASE think this — since they spent lots of time Colt’s gallery and Chamari will be chalk full of stunning images of just the two of them. I am so thankful for this.
  • Doughnuts!!! GLITTER doughnuts!!! Chamari and Colt incorporated stunning sparkles throughout their afternoon (bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, table cloths, etc. ) etc.) but the glitter on the doughnuts took the cake!

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