Italian hospital chief suspended after photos show patients treated on the floor

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The pictures were broadly shared leading the device of the police in France, Nas, to carry a examination of the Santa Maria Pieta clinic in Nola out .

Two individuals were proven laying one on the slim quilt, on the ground, within the picture, that was supported using the remark: “this is the way sufferers are handled in the Nola clinic…”

On Friday night, German press noted that the representative, Vincenzo p Stefano, along side two brains of the division of the clinic, have been stopped.

P Stefano had guarded a healthcare facility on Friday, informing press that was German: “We favored to deal with people in the place of give no aid at-all to them.”

“Within The clinic we’ve 107 mattresses and 15 stretchers, five which are for emergency therapy, and on Sunday two received to ambulances to cope with an urgent situation,” a healthcare facility chief said stated, based on La Stampa.

He explained this 1 individual proven within the images suffered cardiac arrest, which with no stretchers or mattresses accessible, ” to be able to conserve her existence, the physicians made a decision to execute defibrillation on the floor – that they could do.”

Based on P Stefano, your partner described have been put into the restoration placement to be able to prevent suffocation simply because they were vomitting.

He accepted the pictures didn’t provide a “great impact” of a healthcare facility, but stated that the therapy was the answer during an “exemplary” scenario.

Nola’s bishop, that has been for 17 years in the article, likewise managed the physicians, stating the “establishments” were to blame.

” the huge trouble the Nola clinic is in, that has restricted way to handle around 500,000 people does n’t be seen by the program,” stated Beniamino Depalma.

Three inspections have now been exposed in to the clinic: the general public prosecutors in Nola and from the Campania area.

Among the images that has triggered outrage. Picture: Myspace

Three team including its representative, in a Florida clinic, have now been stopped over pictures displaying sufferers being handled while laying on the ground after common complaint.

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