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Las Vegas Child Photographer

As a Las Vegas Child Photographer, I love photographing my own candy kids whenever I’ve got some spare time!   I wanted to share some of my images of them from late summer.   We had some amazing times together and have created some gorgeous images!   This is going to be a long one, so sit back, grab a cup of java, and enjoy!

All of my babies together — no easy feat particularly   now that the oldest 2 have risen up and moved out!   We did a family photograph too, but I have since lost over 30 of Sylvie’s maternity pounds, so reluctantly — we’ll be re-doing that shortly!  

The last of the summer wildflowers…

Sylvie is modeling some adorable new knitwear for your Feltman Brothers here. How adorable is she?

Fall is here!  It is among my favorite times of the year!

Our new pup. Yes, he actually is a puppy — just about 5 weeks old in this picture. He is HUGE!

This was such a day! The fall images were taken in the mountains that we dwell in. It was SO cold. Sylvie didn’t last long and had been it over! We chose to drive into town (about 10 minutes from where we’d been shooting) where it was probably 20 degrees warmer having some quite late summer wildflowers still clinging to existence. She was much happier choosing flowers in the heat!

My oldest daughter, Calista, gets the most adorable boyfriend. His name is Tyler and they met last summer lifeguarding together at the local pool. Now they attend the exact same college. I truly could not have asked for a boy because of my candy girl. We simply love him!

Calista and Elliott have the best relationship. He has missed her SO far this year since she left school. He was so pleased to have his buddy and husband back for a few days!

Gabriel and Sylvie have the sweetest bond. I enjoy photographing them together!

The following 3 images will be of my 11 year old son, Adrian. He’s turning out to be a fantastic little design!

Sylvie is posing an adorable Christmas dress from the Feltman Brothers here! Already employed at just a year old!

Those dimples!

These upcoming few images were nothing short of magic excellent fortune. We headed to this place with plans to take the kids onto the old rope swing that hung from among those early cottonwood trees there. When we arrived, a mother donkey and her baby were there to get a drink of water. They were likely some of the regulars in the old west town of Oatman.   They were very friendly and interested in what we had been doing. The photographs gods were smiling on me that day and I got a few one in a million shots of my kids interacting with all the donkeys. I have been asked many times when the shooter of Sylvie kissing the mother donkey is Photoshop — NOPE. It’s 100 percent real. A split second moment that I was lucky enough to capture. It is now among my favorite photos!

This photograph of Millie swinging is actually an image set of nearly FIFTY images.   These trees were huge!   It is possible to observe the mama donkey and her baby in the background here.   I have also been told I certainly need to have Photoshopped in donkeys from a different photograph.   They could not be more wrong!

Antiques and dirt are two pretty much inseparable entities.

While driving home in the donkey/rope swing shoot, we discovered these interesting stone formations in the distance and thought it’d be the ideal setting for a small cowboy camp out take. Gabriel and Elliott left the most adorable little cowboys and had a blast doing these pictures!

In late fall, the local cotton fields are ready for harvest. I could not resist a few pictures — what a neat site!

I even got a couple ‘big camera’ pictures of Theron this season!

Fall lasts a LONG time from the desert. It starts as early in September in the higher elevations and lasts all the way into December and even January sometimes in the hotter, lower elevations. These upcoming few images were taken in late November in one of my favorite spots!

Sylvie is posing another Christmas dress and bonnet for your own Feltman Brothers here. Does she look like a tiny doll? There is nothing cuter than a baby in a bonnet!

CHD (congenital heart disease) was part of our lives since Sylvie’s arrival in April of 2016. I’ve completed an ongoing collection of photos highlighting her struggle against this disorder and her strength throughout it all. I expect that we can do our small part to make people more aware of how ordinary CHD is and how desperately underfunded the study into it’s! 1 in 100 babies have been born with a heart defect and lots of these infants require life saving surgery very early on in your life. Sylvie had her open heart surgery at just 3 weeks old. Today, she’s kicking ass and taking names! She is a bright, joyful, lively, loving, and sweet little girl. We are so thankful for the doctors and nurses that helped ensure she’d have this life!   She has improved our family so very much better.

Anyone who photos toddlers understands how hard it can be. They’re just interested in doing their own thing and aren’t yet old enough for bribery. Sylvie is definitely at that point too and shooting her is totally hit or miss. Most of the time, I’m lucky to get 1 or two shots before she revolts. This small take, however, was very different. She believed SO fairly in her Christmas dress!   Her face just lit up when she saw herself wearing it in the mirror.   We took her downtown to get a few pictures and she was happy! She was waving at everyone who passed and telling them ‘hi’ and ‘bye.’ She sat down herself on this step and was smiling ear to ear to me personally. I can tell she felt as a pretty little princess!

Sweet Gabriel…can this boy be some more handsome?

Calista was home from school for Christmas so I had all of my girls together! I did a photograph of them together last December and believed it’d be fun to re-create it exactly a year later. We shot in precisely the exact same place, same kind of lighting (light ethereal)precisely the same dressesexactly the same posing, as well as the exact same post-processing. It’s so fun seeing how much they have all grown and transformed! You may check out the December 2016 version of this image HERE.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for looking!   I cannot wait to see exactly what 2018 brings!

Lisa Holloway of all LJHolloway photography is now a Las Vegas Child Photographer.     Lisa is located just south of Las Vegas, Nevada.     In LJHolloway Photography you may find fine art portraiture.     Specializing in maternity, newborn, child, family and higher school seniors.

Lisa functions in Las Vegas, Boulder, Kingman, Laughlin, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead city, and surrounding regions.     Including Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott, Phoenix and Sedona areas.   Please ask for travel rates to different areas.

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