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Las Vegas Family Photographer

As 2017 comes to a close, I want to talk some of memories and my images from this year.     2017 has been a year filled with family adventures and memories.   As a Las Vegas Family Photographer, I have had the superb opportunity and chance of capturing memories to my customers that were lovely.   This year, I had so many astonishing and lovely customers, who came to visit with me from all over the country.   Houston, Orlando, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Virginia, Minnesota…. When a family travels to find me down here in in my corner of the 21, I am always so admired!    

Our family has had.   We spent at our cabin in Northwestern Montana and that I had the opportunity to photograph my infants in some gorgeous scenery!   You will observe those pictures sprinkled.   The major news this year is that Calista is attending her first year of school and flew the home.   She is on a full tuition scholarship and performing a biomedical major.   She’ll be a doctor, although she is not certain what direction she’ll go with this?   It’s so fun seeing your children spread their wings!    

Last year, I declared that Clint (our eldest) would be joining the Navy.   He is currently working a full time job in Las Vegas, and those plans fell through and has started college.   I am quite proud of him and can’t wait to see what his future holds.

I wrote a bit in previous year’s year end blog article.   She will be 2 in April and is currently doing well now.   She is feisty and full of passion, just like her mama!   She is VERY mighty, while an extremely petite girl.   I could not be more proud to be her mama.   This season each one the children are doing.   After graduating them we made the decision this year to send back them into school.   It has been hard, but I do believe that it was the perfect decision for our family.   They are flourishing and making friends and performing well.   We included a new family member this year — Yeti Spaghetti, our Great Pyrenees pup!   Although I don’t think he realizes he is he is such a terrific and boy. lol  

I hope you enjoy this selection of my favourite pictures of 2017.   This can be a combination of shoots pictures, and customer work.   Sit back, grab a cup of java, and feel free to leave a comment.   I enjoy hearing from you!   You can check out my 2016 favorites HERE.   Happy New Years to everybody, and that I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity from 2018!

Lisa Holloway of LJHolloway photography is a Las Vegas Family Photographer.     Lisa is situated just south of Las Vegas.     In LJHolloway Photography you will Discover fine art portraiture.     Specializing in maternity, newborn, child, family and higher school seniors.

Lisa operates in Las Vegas, Boulder, Kingman, Laughlin, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead city, and surrounding regions.     Including Williams Flagstaff, Prescott, Phoenix and Sedona areas.     Please inquire for travel rates to other places.

LJHolloway Photography specializes in photographing and .   Lisa Holloway also loves snaps, portraits, along with  infant pictures.     LJHolloway Photography also enjoys  high school mature photography.  

To see more of Lisa’s job, please visit her Facebook webpage at or go to  .     You may contact Lisa by email at ljhollowayphotography@gmail.com.     Spaces are very limited and fill early.   Booking ahead of time will guarantee a place on LJHolloway Photography’s program.

Lisa Holloway has Lightroom videos and educational Photoshop along with many photographer teaching resources.     For more details, please visit her   SHOP.

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