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Gift giving is among my love languages, mostly because I’m selfish and receive a huge burst of adrenaline once I find the ideal gift for someone. So I’m writing this up to save non-photographer people out there having a photographer friend from obtaining them a cheesy lens java mug or a t-shirt using camera clip art printed on it along with a camera pun.

So here’s some of my all time favorite photography + travel gadgets and gizmos along with my should haves and wanna haves. I own all these and would gift them to some of my photographer friends! Additionally, I’m not getting paid to write or share some of the! Simply sharing trigger I think all these products are freaking fantastic.

I will start with the Fundamentals.
Materials every photographer needs and are smaller, less costly must haves!

Memory Cards. Various cameras require different sorts of memory cards, but below are those I use. I love them since they never lag when writing files and keep my camera working quickly!

Batteries. I want more batteries it seems like. This also depends on what camera you shoot, so make certain to assess what batteries are compatible with all the camera you are buying for (I shoot the Canon 5d Mark collection). There are two ways to go here, the more pricey high quality version that survive longer and have longer lives. Or there’s the more affordable version, that don’t last as long but still get the work done. I have both versions and consistently prefer the name new version.

Lens Caps. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with them, until my friend showed me these babies. They’re universal lens caps that may go on almost any lens, whatever the brand, length, width, etc.,. They will fit on all these, and on the two ends. They’re shock resistant, waterproof, dust proof, and a bunch-of-other-stuff-proof. The business hooked me up with a bunch of these and I’m way into them. They launched their kickstarter last week so you wont have the lens cap yet but you can at least it back and gift it to them when they all ship outside!

LaCie External Hard Drives. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands of hard drives and thus much these are my fave because they are little, pretty durable, quick, and great for travel. They come in quite a few different storage sizes but I recommend the 1 or 2 TB alternatives to offer as presents!

And should you have the hard drive, I would suggest getting a case for it also. I like these tiny cheap Pelican instances that are waterproof and hard to protect the hard drive especially when traveling!

A Honeybook subscription. You’ve got no idea how much I did not realize I wanted this SO badly for my business/sanity until I got it and sacred heavens I will never go back. It is a customer organizing app and program that helps you keep tabs on exactly what stages all your clients ‘ in, reevaluate payment programs + reminders + files to ship outand hosts your contracts, and lets clients pay, keeps all your files and conversations between you and every customer organized, the staff puts up everything for you so its easy peasy, and it will a bunch more of superb neat stuff that literally every photographer with a number of clients needs. In addition, it features an app variant that’s freakin amazing that I use everyday especially when I’m on the go. It is a annual subscription but you can gift them their first year to get them started! I’ve got a 50% off discount code for the first year too which is a win for you! Click the link for my 50% off coupon link.

Now on the “treat yo-self” section.
Materials every photographer wants but can’t buy for themselves yet.

Instax cameras + movie. I freakin love these things and they are so enjoyable for every photographer. You will find a lot of different instant cameras however, also the Fujifilm Instax Broad is hands down my favorite so far. It is much less finnicky as others and the images are big which I love. Add on a couple packs of movie for them too in the event you can!

Another instax product I love are such little golden smartphone manufacturers. They’re awesome for printing out little instant phone photos from wedding times, for your friends, or for yourself. I use mine constantly and constantly pack it when I am heading out on trips or to shoot a wedding so I can immediately gift a few shots from my phone!

A mini Bose Bluetooth Speaker. The particular one I have has been stopped regrettably, but these ones are basically the exact same thing and have hella excellent reviews. I adore my bluetooth wireless speaker because I really like playing audio shoots or when I’m editing, and now I love how little these are because you can just throw it into your camera bag and then play audio from inside your bag because they are so loud!

Holy hell I can’t stress enough how life changing wireless audio headphones really are. These are a must have for if I’m editing or traveling (especially in planes, the noise cancelling feature is bomb. . Do it? Okay I’m done making dreadful airplane jokes). All these are the ones I love and have them!

Speaking of travel, I’ve a bunch of travel should haves to share. First one would need to be this guy. Traveling will be far more frustrating with no because my phone dies pretty quick and it seems like there are not any chargers around when I want them. This tiny travel charger is awesome and gives my iPhone 4 complete rapid charges that really last (I’ve tried several different travel chargers also this is the only one I’ve adored). And it can charge anything that charges off a USB (like cans) and there’s two vents that’s cool, plus they recharge themselves super quickly.

Another charger that’s a must have especially on road trips to charge your camera batteries, laptop, or anything that needs to charge off a normal outlet. I use this auto power inverter constantly especially because I love to edit while riding in the car on road trips or when I want to charge additional batteries while outside shooting weddings or anything.

Alright, on purses. I’m SO freaking picky about equipment bags you don’t have any idea. I’ve tried heaps of different luggage companies and all have frustrated me but 2 brands. ONA and WANDRD. I’ve got two Ona Bags, a leather messenger bag plus a canvas backpack. I love them both alike, but normally take my back pack with me once I travel so theres not so much weight over one shoulder, and it has an amazing laptop sleeve. Jay enjoys the WANDRD bag because it is soooo functional and high quality. The men who designed this bag seriously thought of what for a traveling photographer/videographer.

This carry-on. I’ve used lots of luggage for traveling and I despise checking bags therefore that this has been by far the best item of luggage I’ve ever owned. Its a huge carry on this not only is pretty, but way practical too with a great deal of features like a built in portable charger, a lock, laundry bag, etc.. We got you to see how we enjoyed it and purchased the following shortly after we got our first one because we fell in love with this.

Last but not least, a coach session. It doesn’t need to be together with me but I believe gifting a mentor session with your buddy’s favorite photographer is the very best gift you can offer them as it’s something that will push their business so they can succeed and leave them feeling rejuvenated and motivated. I suggest that the hell out of them because I always wished opportunities like that were around when I started photography 6 years ago! Many creatives find out best in one on one settings since they can ask all of the questions that they need and the entire session is customized to exactly what they want and need to find out, which you can’t consistently get attending workshops.

If you wanna gift one from mepersonally, I offer two types of mentoring opportunities : Skype Sessions that continue 1.5+ hours and 1 on Ones that last 6 + hours. You may check out every detail on what is included, what to anticipate, price, payment plans, and more HERE. And of course, don’t hesitate to email me with any queries or to gift your photographer friend having a mentor session!

Hope this listing has helped ya find that ideal gift for your photographer boo.  

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

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