Photographer recounts Chris Christie Shore photos process

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new jersey beach Island_Beach_State_ParkJust what a Normal summer day looks like in Island Beach State Park in New Jersey.

New Jersey Advance Media rented a small plane to photograph crowds enjoying the state’s famous shores . But then the authorities shut down on Friday, closing nation beaches.

Photojournalist Andrew Mills chose to go anyway, thinking miles of empty sand would be an interesting visual narrative, also.

And what he found has embroiled the nation’s least popular governor in what many are already calling “Beachgate.”

That’s because Mills did find a New Jerseyan enjoying the beach on Sunday: Gov. Chris Christie.

chris christie beachThe view from 1,000 feet over Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on Sunday, July 2, 2017. Andrew Mills/NJ Advance Media via AP

Mills wrote a humorous account of the means by which the publication  caught Christie lounging along with his loved ones about the sand, seen at Island Beach State Park beyond the state-owned governor’s beach house. Employing a lens Christie was found by Mills, shot a few shots, and had the pilot fly by again to get some more.

In one of the photographs, Christie seemed to appear in the camera. Mills stated that’s when he knew he had him.

“I have successfully hunted fugitives from the country. I have captured criminals seeking to sneak doors out of their homes or to doors of courthouses. I have pinpointed high school basketball coaches warehousing players inside their own apartments,” he wrote. “The majority of the time, I receive the shots and create a clean escape. But once in a while, once the eyes meet, you know the jig is up.”

chris christie beach dayChristie loves the beach with family and friends on Sunday during the government shutdown. Andrew Mills/NJ Advance Media via AP

At a press conference after the photographs were taken, Christie was asked if he enjoyed the beach Sunday.

“I did not receive any sun today,” he said.

“He did not receive any sun,” Murray stated. “He had a baseball hat on.”

The photographs went and seemed on Monday:

— Matt Arco (@MatthewArco) July 3, 2017

Christie defended his actions morning.

“They actually caught a politician being where he stated he was going to be together with all the people he stated he was likely to be with, his wife and children and their friends. I am sure they will get a Pulitzer for this one,” he told Fox 5 in New York. “They caught me doing exactly what I mentioned I was going to do with all the folks I mentioned I was going to be with.”

After Fox 29 at Philadelphia asked him regarding the photographs, and why he had been enjoying the beach once the public couldn’t, Christie said: “I’m sorry they’re not the governor.”

NJ shores are available in 119 of our our 130 kilometers of coastline. Love and come them–but use moisturize and sunscreen!

— Governor Christie (@GovChristie) July 3, 2017

Read the full account from Mills here “

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