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The amalfi coast and past
A Photographic Journey
May 13-20, 2017
the Purchase Price of this trip is4,200
Reserve Your Position using a Deposit of $700

• Personal Boat to Hidden Beaches
• Walk the famous Path of the Celtics
• Research the notable Temples of Paestum
• Experience Ravello’s Ruffulo Gardens
• Stay at a Gorgeous villa overlooking the sea
• Feast on natural Italian Cuisine
• Photography Lessons, Tips and Coaching

Buongiorno! After settling into your room in the beautifully remodeled, historic beachfront villa in Vieri Sul Mare, Campania Italy enjoy a welcome celebration and views on the main lawn.

The seaside town of Amalfi is set at the base of a river valley called the Valle dei Mulini, Valley of the Mills, that has been a flourishing sector of paper manufacturing at the middle ages. You may fulfill “Rosa” our wonderful neighborhood guide (and walking encyclopedia) that will escort us through the lemon groves, ancient ruins and along the mountain streams. We’ll picnic across the crystal sea and cool our toes before going into the Reserve Integrale, a shielded paradise where we’ll photograph the rare fauna and flora and fauna waterfalls. Dinner is going to be included at one of the favorite restaurants.

Nowadays, we’ll take a short drive to Ravello, a mountaintop village and gateway into the Villa Ruffulol, constructed in the 13th century and known among the greatest and most expensive villas in the Amalfi Coast. Cooled from the umbrella pines, we’ll take our time meandering through the magnificent gardens overlooking the ocean. Here, we’ll witness the mix of history, culture, design, artwork and natural beauty. At this point, we’ll board a small ship that’ll take us into a beachfront cafe where we’ll feast on the catch of the day and pastoral Italian cuisine. The remaining part of the afternoon will provide you an opportunity to walk the beautiful town of Amalfi to research and shop at your own leisure.

Nowadays, a personal boat takes us into the hidden beaches where you can hone your photography skills, take a swim, grab a few rays, take a nap or read a novel. We’ll pack picnic baskets filled with a tasty foods and take in the sights and sounds of this breathtaking location. Dinner will be ready at your villa with a personal chef.

A previous wake up call for a forty-five second drive down the coast then around Boomerano, where we’ll begin the trek along the famed Path of the Gods. We’ll walk across the highlands over the emerald sea contemplating the very striking panoramas in the world. We’ll take our time to enjoy, take, nap and of course eat along the path. In our descent, we’ll cease at For Porta to enjoy new (we are talking off the vine) lemonade. Here, we’ll finish our day with a cooking class and dinner. Not into cooking? Just sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and continue to photograph the scenic surroundings.

A day of options including a tour of Salerno, biking, shopping, photo processing and resting at the villa. Dinner is going to be included at a terrific restaurant at Salerno.

We’ll enjoy a leisurely breakfast before going to Paestum. After a short tour of a mozzarella mill and beautiful lunch we’ll drive a short distance into the land that requires us back in time over two thousand decades back. The Temples of Hera and Athena, constructed circa 500 BC and the ancient neighborhood remain in extraordinary condition. Words are tough to find to describe that foregone landscape where we’ll devote a reasonable period of time. After a personal tour the golden hours will provide the chance for fantastic photography. We’ll have plenty to talk about as we head back into our own hallway with a stop along the way for true Italian pizza supper in the center of Salerno.

Photography critiques, farewells, debriefing and transfers to Rome or Naples.

1. Just how much walking/hiking is going to be involved? As you can see in the pictures, the beachfront villages are built into the shore. Regular walking is much harder than in the states particularly on the cobblestone streets. You’ll have the option to trek along the Path of the Gods that’s about six miles. The Valley of the Mills hike is about 3-5 miles.

2. How hard will be the two treks (Route of Gods and Valley of the Mills)? I consider myself in good shape but there were a few times I was huffing and puffing. If it’s possible to walk 1.5 miles at a moderate pace without being too winded, you ought to be OK. There’s loads of areas to stop, rest and shoot. Consult your doctor and also please fill out attached medical waiver.

3. Can I need sturdy hiking shoes? Yes. Highly recommended.

4. What will the weather be like? The weather is dry. Expect 70’s during the day and cooler evenings, high 50’s decrease in the 60’s.

5. How can we get across? We’ll have personal van(s) and driver(s).

6. How lots of individuals are going to be on your tour? Maximum of thirty to ensure personal attention.

7. What photography experience is needed? All levels welcome.

8. Can my partner, who isn’t interested in photography come together? Yes!

• Welcome Party
• 8 Days & 7 Nights in a superbly remodeled villa on the ocean
• Seven Dinners (2 drinks per)
• Eight Breakfasts
• Three Lunches
• Diverse itinerary with emphasis on history and photography
• All transportation while traveling*
• Cooking Class
• Tour manuals
• All Gratuities
• Entrance fees
• Flight to Rome or Naples
• Train to Salerno from Naples or Rome (arrival)
• Train to Rome or Naples from Salerno (death)
• Lodging Beyond Vieri Sul Mare, Campania
• Three Lunches
* Note: We shall gladly arrange your travel to Salerno for a 15% fee

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