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Hey folks! We have had some questions regarding our photography process, and I’m hoping I can shed some light onto it (pun entirely intended). Feel free to post any questions you might have in the remarks, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

When a guitar comes into our store, whether new or used, one of the first things that happens is that it goes upstairs for photographed. Every guitar we have on our website gets its own picture so that you understand exactly what you’re getting when it shows up at your door, or whenever you come to our store to see it. Our photographer works pretty tirelessly to make sure that guitars end up to the website whenever you can, and with precise pictures.

We have professional studio light in our picture studio, which produces a flame top guitar look particularly wealthy and vibrant, but it’s still a representation of what the guitar actually is. We don’t alter the flame whatsoever in post-production to produce it “soda” more; it’s only a function of light. In an ideal world, sunlight is really the best looking  option for getting the guitar to appear it’s best, but climate in Wisconsin isn’t exactly conducive to consistent lighting or temperature. By way of instance, it was 60 degrees before this week, and now it’s snowing and suspended at 23 levels.   In the end, a studio installation is the most practical and consistent solution for people to get guitars up on the website and recorded in a prompt way.   While the we place the guitar at its best light requirements, we still stand behind our photos within  an honest representation of this guitar.

On a different note, we are more than happy to shoot pictures with all our mobile phones and text messages to any client if they need various shots in various light. We are here to help you discover the perfect guitar for you, and assisting you to feel good about your purchase is at all our best interests. At the conclusion of the afternoon, should you get a guitar and you’re not satisfied with it, always feel free to phone us to discuss it, and we’re going to see exactly how we can help you best.

Post any questions you might have in the remarks, and we’ll do our best to answer these questions!

We are working on getting our Milwaukee photos better! Stay tuned!

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