Queen Guitarist Lashes Out at Photographer

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In a set of occasions, Queen Guitarist Brian May lashed out at a photographer after a takedown request registered once the musician posted one of her photos of him on his Instagram with no charge.  

The problem started when the guitarist posted an image of himself without crediting her, taken from Barbara Kremer. She registered a takedown request with Instagram, which caused the accounts of May and the post being removed. May subsequently posted a screenshot of this takedown notice

Well this is what I awakened. How RUDE ! I’m typically very careful in the day’s end – however in this scenario, to charge anyone whose photographs that I post, I must have forgotten. Thus, rather than write to me and say “dear Brian- you seem to have forgotten to charge me about this picture”, this person – Barbara Kremer is her name – reported me to Instagram plus that they not only took down the picture but handicapped my entire account before I had dealt with the issue – which took approximately 45 minutes of my time which I could not afford because the link refused to work on my phone. What a very unfriendly act Barbara, out of you ! You not only took my picture and are exploiting my picture, also making cash off me ‘by your leave’ – however you stop me with a picture of myself ! What a mad world we are living in nowadays. All I can say is that in the event that you feel you were ‘broken’, I feel fairly violated myself. On the point where If I ever find that you are at one of our concerts later on, look out, as, logically, then I will be tempted to have you thrown out. Well, Very Good Morning !!! Bri

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Since music is obviously no stranger to this exact matter, personally, I find it somewhat odd when somebody like a musician reveals a mistake of copyright or lashes out by somebody for shielding it. In addition, I find May’s response fairly childish: purposely mentioning Kremer by name (presumably to drag her through the mud before his followers) and stating she is exploiting him with his picture is equally immature and reveals a lack of comprehension of copyright, something somebody in his position should know well. In terms of saying she must have messaged him because he posts credits, it seems ridiculous to assume that she could undergo one of their guitarists ever on media or that she’d understand that. Fortunately, many are currently safeguarding her at this post’s remarks.  

Lead picture by Mark Kieve, used under Creative Commons.  

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