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Zak and Lindsey chose to have married in St Peters Church at the middle of Sandwich, using their reception at St Mary’s Art Centre, and I was very pleased when they picked me to be their Kent Wedding Photographer. St Peters Church, Sandwich, along with St Mary’s Art Centre are equally beautiful buildings, steeped in local history, and will be an ideal background to some Kent Wedding.

Zak and Lindsey decided on a home-made ¬†wedding, and arranging and setting up the wedding was a family and friends affair, with the decoration of the church and the reception being performed by their family members and friends — they had me laying up tables the day before! I am glad to say that every one of the handmade bunting had already been dangled in St Mary’s before I got there — just the stories of the extra tall ladders employed for the job was enough to give me vertigo — I really don’t do peaks very well!

The morning of the wedding dawned bright but still a bit new for May, however, the sun set in an appearance and we managed to avoid almost any rain, so it was good.
Even though Lindsey and Zak hadn’t managed to match a pre-wedding shoot in prior to their wedding, we had discussed the photography, and also what they had been hoping to get from the day. The photographs were clearly significant to them both — to Zak using his graphic design background, and also to Lindsey who’s currently completing her photography level course in London. I was so pleased to learn they were very keen to commit the additional time between their service and their reception to have a stroll through Sandwich and create some charming images of their day, and that I think you’ll agree we managed to achieve that.
Lindsey along with Zak’s whole day was beautiful, filled with love, and a great deal of laughter, and several emotion choked moments also. I loved the moment when Lindsey walked the aisle and saw her teary eyed groom for the first time — just beautiful. They decided to write their own flaws, both entirely from the center, — loving, humorous and emotion packed — there were over a few wet eyes one of the congregation at there, mine included that I must admit — It is a powerful thing when you see 2 people so perfectly paired and so quite in love as these two are.
And then there is the laughter, the fun, & the crazy scenes — Lindsey using 3 sisters and Zak using a twin brother — and also let loose over the speeches! I could honestly say I haven’t heard that a best man’s language as funny because Zak’s twin brother Aaron’s — we laughed until we hurt with it and couldn’t see because of the tears rolling down our faces — even the photographs will give you just a small thought of the absolute hilarity!

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