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It’s such an honor and at precisely the exact same time a weighty responsibility   when a fellow photographer frees me to capture their very own loved ones. Tricia is a gifted photographer and inventor of the People of Wallingford photo site. Their family was amazing and super enjoyable for me to picture, as they have one toddler (I am acquainted with those creatures), a tween, and a teen (I am less comfortable with these, save for my own experience as one many many moons ago), with 10 years crossing the space between their youngest and oldest. Call them brave or anything; it merely works for their loved ones!

So then when Tricia advised me we  were going to the regional urban farm store to get new girls during the session, I was beyond excited. I adore the thought of owning egg-layers, but you won’t find me tethered to my own chickens anytime soon, so I really like the chance to document a different family doing this and living vicariously through them!

However,……because I always say, it’s not the activity or the outing that is the significant thing that we document; performing a fun activity for a family is just a means to get everyone interacting and comfortable along with a way for me to capture the true connections and characters of the folks in your own loved ones. An amazing trip to the farm store is just the added bonus! Love these highlights in the E family’s weekend afternoon.

Carrie Yuan is a documentary household photographer at Seattle, Washington, specializing in documentary household photography sessions that really tell the story of your loved ones and now. Carrie’s passion is to document the full-of-love  journey that is parenthood and childhood (with a sprinkling of humor), in all its insanity & beauty. Carrie lives in Seattle with her family: a husband who’s the MOST kind and patient father, a six year old for which Carrie is still attempting to work out how to exploit her “leadership skills” for great & not EVIL, three year old boy/girl twins who are severely having BIG feelings lately, along with a lab-ridgeback canine who has rekindled a passion for compressed rawhide bones.  

Carrie is currently reserving family documentary photograph (and/or FILM…like in movie) sessions (that do NOT require the purchase of new outfits( or cleaning your home) for the very last bits of Summer 2016 and beyond, in-home toddlers sessions at the Greater Seattle area, along with hospital newborn sessions at Seattle hospitals.

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