Let Me Tell You About My Experiences Working With Troubled Youth

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There are so many troubled youth in our world today. I have worked with many of them in the past in different capacities. As a lead instructor for an afterschool program, I sat with a child whose parents had just been arrested as we waited a couple of hours for social services to arrive. I have other stories, too, as I worked as an assistant youth director, camp coordinator and as a high school teacher.

As a teacher for a short time, I ran into a troubled teen that really forced everyone to have a difficult time looking him in the eyes. I only taught him for a short period of time, one semester, and he was almost always outside of the classroom with the inclusion teachers. You see, this teen was charged with horrible abuse of an animal, and I will not divulge the details here. Visit http://www.alternatives4teens.com/boot-camp-for-teens-info website to get more details about troubled teens.

It was well known to the people in that small town, and no one wanted anything to do with him. Even the people that tried to work with him, professionals mind you, found it quite difficult. I was one of them. Everyone, however, deserves a second chance, and this guy truly seemed like he needed a break of some kind. I really hope he ended up getting the help that he needed.

He could tell that I genuinely cared about his well-being. I hope that I helped in some way. Alternatives 4 Teens suggest that working with troubled youth presents many different types of situations, two of which I described in a little detail for you. Our communities as a whole always need to place a priority on disadvantaged youth, looking for ways to develop even more programs and devote as many resources as possible to their rescue, for their sake, and for everyone else’s sake, too.

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