Wani Olatunde: Beyond Photography

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Occasions can not be replayed within our minds irrespective of our stringent efforts to bear in mind those moments. Pictures are our best choices enjoy in them and to store memories. And as you will agree, a photographer can help you attain this.

Our guest about Discovery Of The Week is really a gifted and professional photographer. She supplies classic content recorded in pictures and informs stories that are beautiful with her pictures. Her photos her outstanding and they come with fascinating twists. She is well respected because of her amazing shoots.

Having heard of her popularity among photography enthusiast along with best social circle, I chose to find out for myself exactly what this brilliant mind is constructed from.

Like I present to you take your popcorn and beverages ready for a thrilling read. . Wani Olatunde.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Wani and I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Lagos. If I had to break down everything I do to a thing, it’d be easy – I observe women at each stage of the lifetime. Coming in their own for a birthday, getting engaged, getting married, getting a mother, using their loved ones and  households etc. – if it’s important to a woman, it’s important to me also. It’s such a blessing in order to do this for a living daily. #blessed

You have to have studied a different class in the college, why did you decide to pick up pictures?

I think I was likely chosen by photography. I have a Masters in Electronic Engineering had been an investment banker across 2 continents for more than 6 decades. But I’ve never been happier than I am right now. Photography is my calling and also the gift and I have worked tirelessly to be sure I get the most of it. I have to make people happy, help them feel more confident, record the people they love the most and the most crucial portions of their lives. These are. It’s a responsibility that is wonderful but a rather awesome person too.

Just how long have you been into this imaginative organization?

I have been a professional photographer for more than 5 decades but been shooting probably 8-10 decades.

Doing everything you do can be stressful or even tough, how can you draw to make each session enjoyable for your customers?

I draw inspiration. For weddings, I spend some time getting to know my clients before the wedding day so I understand their personalities so I could tweak my eyesight 37, and get a better idea of the likes and dislikes. For my portrait sessions, my clients are involved in planning their passions so I can bring their vision to life. I never wish to inflict my outlook but want to collaborate with them so that they are just as invested in and excited about the final  result.

For inspiration – I find it anywhere – movies, music, style magazines. I’m always collecting thoughts of things I wish to do. Need time to do all – lol.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge thus far from the organization?

My main challenge has likely been a lack of  self confidence and self value. I have to set in the work to remind myself that not everyone is able to do what I do and what I provide is of value. I  had taken for granted and probably had the biggest breakthrough with this early last year where I really begun to place value on all the things I did to my customers. And it was that valuing my work meant I attracted clients who valued it and this was exciting for me. Like most creatives, I’d like to work with clients who are excited about working with me as opposed to people who pick me only because I am the more affordable alternative. It took a while to get here but I have so much to offer and I’m excited about forming new  connections and creating some remarkable work this season.

Apart from photography exactly what other items are you involved in?

I’m a mother with 2 kids under 7 – so that my time is divide between them and work. So I have more power to keep up with my 30, I am attempting to force myself a priority this season particularly. I’m also  committed to building my photography education platform this year as I feel like I’m finally in a place in which I have a whole lot of knowledge garnered from experience to discuss which can help  forthcoming photographers evolve more quickly. So that’s 1 job I’m definitely excited about for this particular season.

Photography as a business within this part of earth, exactly what are those challenges?

For my company, my main challenge needs to be quality goods available in Lagos / Nigeria’s dearth. I would like to provide world class products to coincide and believe in offering my clients high excellent service comparable anywhere on earth. I don’t subscribe to this “Just manage it – this really is Nigeria” mindset since I  believe that it makes people lazy and less innovative. Initially I solved the issue. But when the diminishing Naira created that near impossible – I was forced to find creative and appear in-country. I have spent a lot of time searching and researching   sellers and I have a bunch of vendors who can create products I am actually  proud to deliver to clients. Of course they are scattered all over Lagos and hardly could be done on line, so the procedure for creation is quite time consuming especially as I want to perform close   quality   control but it’s a small cost to pay. I have also been able to operate to create new goods, which can be exciting for me. So although you will find challenges, provided that you are solution focused, then you could figure it out.

Have you got some words for photography enthusiasts who want go into this line of business

Photography is a good deal of hard work – so be sure you put to evolve your abilities so you are able to give your clients  the very best of you. It’s ok to shoot everything at the start – that you find what you enjoy photographing the maximum and what it is you are best at. For instance – I now know I hate product and property photography and don’t take those jobs   anymore – lol. Make sure you’ve got a grip on your own numbers from the start – if you don’t  value yourself, clients won’t value you. Do not forget to experiment and have fun along the way. Enjoy.


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