Why Is Computational Photography Still Photography?

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It is amazing to learn about all the technologies that are constructed into smartphone cameras which weigh  as much as a paperclip. But, with this technology, can it still you shooting the picture   or are you a moving apparatus carrying a computer about to select the image for you?

I imagine that is why people still take photographs on film. It holds many technologies together, using the film’s layers, so the light meter, along with the auto-focusing of this camera, but if the shot is shot, there’s no stabilization without a HDR Plus to fix the over or underexposed parts of the picture. The shot is exactly what it is. It is as simple as that. Can that method of photography still be seen as photography or if we associate with the technologies and get the best shots with perfect vulnerability, almost no sound, without a blur  due to your topic  moving?

This movie below describes the way Google’s Pixel two camera works, how it stabilizes footage, and also the way that it’s analyzed.

Using mirrorless cameras, then you may see the picture before you’ve taken it. Mobile phones have technologies which make it possible to take photographs in the dark. The argument I have is that when I look at those images, am I going to think about what’s recorded along with the story, or am really going to think about what camera I’ve used and how grateful I was to get the tech it comes packed with?

What I’ve done is purchased a Fujifilm X-T2 human anatomy along with also an adapter because of the older Nikon lenses, making the 50mm come really close to an 85mm. It’s manual focus, and that I enjoy this method of shooting. It is slower, and I truly need to see the shot, and I don’t just snap away. The camera includes focus-peaking  so that it tells me something is assumed to be in focus, but that I often need to spend the shot immediately, particularly when I’m outside in the streets of Paris. This makes for some out-of-focus shots and blurring, but in addition, it gives me more opportunities to think about the shot and write it  rather than needing to snap away thinking I will fix vulnerability in post.

One thing that I know for sure is that if the cell telephones are taking these steps and creating the laymen take great videos and photographs, we surely have to keep improving our work too.   What do you guys think?  Is the expression photography still what I think that it is or is it time for me to accommodate computational photography? At the conclusion of a shoot, I suppose it is if you have something worthy to demonstrate the world.  

Photo by   Alex Blăjan on Unsplash.

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